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Cee Tari Baby
born 1982

Baby arrived at the Shelter March 2009

 Today, 30 Dicember 2015, Baby left this world.
Born in 1982 she arrived at the Shelter in 2009. Physically and mentali distroid.

Baby, you were timid, fritened and your life was filled with monsters. I hope - no I am sure -staying with us

you learned to trust people again loosing many of your fears. The last few month the abuse of the past

started to come to the present. We could not help you anymore. Your poor body was tired and needed to go to sleep.

Sweet Baby, I am crying because I already miss you and I am crying about the indifference in which animals are

treated in this world. I don't believe in the rainbow thing, but I hope that there is a place for you to go, in which

animals are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

A few months ago some kind hearted people found Baby living in deplorable conditions.  They alerted some Italian animal protection service, but despite their intervention nothing was done.  Subsequently funds were collected to rescue Baby and bring her to the Shelter.


Baby says..."its raining, windy, so cold and I feel lonely and abandoned.  I'm hungry, my bones ache, no one grooms me and i don't have room to lay down".

Baby at the SPA
March 2009

April 2009
New Friends  --  Daffy e Bianca