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This morning, 18 April 2014,  Daffy left us to meet up with his friends.
His body just didn't funktion anymore.
The abuse of the past has arrived in the present.
Daffy...our Gentile Giant (18 hands), I have never met a horse as gentile as you !!!
What are we going to do without you ???

Daffy, born 1988 RIP 18.04.2014


Daffy had the same owner for seventeen years obeying his every request from jumping to trail riding. After all those years of effort and lack of respect for his well being which resulted in lameness and backaches etc. he was deemed useless by his owner who replaced him with a new horse...younger and healthy!

He came to us in March 2007 in great pain.  Now, after five months of intensive therapy (at the Shelter's expense) and after much rest he lives with two friends in a large paddock and is happy and regaining his health.
Daffy Daffy