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Filippo born in 1992 was the first horse to be purchased  by the Shelter. When he was only 10 months old he was destined to become "food". He lived at the Shelter for 15 years but though treated well he was always an unlucky horse. After his castration he developed an infection and a few wounds which wouldn't heal but the big problem was the colic he developed through stealing food from other horses. Unfortunately, the colic worsened and lasted for 3 months.
Filippo's biggest problem occurred when he was 4: he broke a hind leg. His leg was put in a cast and luckily after a year's convalescence the leg healed but the effects of the fracture manifested themselves in the long-term. At 12 the healthy hind leg showed signs of lameness due to Filippo's incorrect posture having favored the healthy leg for so many years. Therefore, both legs were massaged with cream and bandaged daily. In spite of everything the addition of ginger to his food and infiltrations enabled him to enjoy a good quality of life.
Unfortunately Filippo left us in 2007 leaving a huge void in the heart of the Shelter.

Filippo left us in 2007