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A maremmano, was born around 1986 and arrived at the Shelter in October of 2009 in terrible shape. He was malnourished and his feet and teeth were in a deplorable state but he was mainly suffering due to a serious and completely untreated penile infection. This total neglect and lack of medical care had also resulted in some behavioral problems.

At the Shelter his treatment began immediately and a month after arriving he was taken to a clinic in Volpago del Montello where 80% of his penis was amputated (about 2 kilos of scare tissue). Unfortunately this didn't solve his problems. In 2010 he began experiencing severe urinary incontinence and abdominal swelling and at the end of the year he was taken back to the clinic where he had surgery to remove a stone in his bladder. This was followed up with antibiotic therapy but even this didn't serve to resolve all of Giove's problems. Pus continually formed in his bladder as well as renal blood clots and mud sediment and for all of 2011 Shelter volunteers tended to Giove's medical needs performing bladder washes, administering antibiotics and tending to his rear legs. His incontinence had resulted in dripping which had damaged the skin on his rear legs which had to be thoroughly cleaned and spread with Vaseline to avoid further skin corrosion. In addition, Giove was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. His condition was termed "bladder paralysis" which can occur in older horses and usually results in their being euthanized. But Giove was a horse with great spirit and so the Shelter continued to treat him cleaning his bladder, administering antibiotics and as a last resort with a very costly cycle of fitoterapia, which consists of treatment with medicinal plants.

At long last after all of these treatments Giove began feeling better and spent a few happy years at the Shelter with his paddock mate, Gastone.

Unfortunately the years of total neglect before his arrival at the Shelter had taken their toll and in 2012 he was stricken by numerous bouts of cystitis and it was finally due to a cystitis deemed incurable that at the end of 2012 the Shelter decided that euthanasia was the only remaining option.

He was a strong and proud horse, a true maremmano, truly unfortunate and mad at the humans that had caused him so much suffering. Nonetheless his affection for the Shelter volunteers who cared for him was palpable and his death left a void in everyone's heart but at least after so much suffering Giove passed away peacefully surrounded by all his friends.


Giove December 2009

Giove February 2009